LiveJournal PostConscious

v0.91 (download): Thursday 19th August, 2004.

A tool for bulk editing of security settings on journal postings.

Written in perl. Intended to run under Linux/Unix/BSD/MacOS X, but there is no logical reason why it should not work under ActivePerl for Windows.


Digest::MD5 is also required, but is part of the perl base package these days.


./ --help

For a quick synopsis of how it works. For example:

./ --username=my_journal --password=mypassword --start=20040101 --end=20041231 --apply=friends

This will change all PUBLIC postings on journal 'my_journal' between January 1st 2004 and December 31st 2004 into friends-only posts.

For more advanced usage, I suggest you read the --help information quite thoroughly, and be particularly careful when using --from=all, because this can and will change the security on any private, custom grouped and friends only posts as you request. It's most likely you'll want to use --from=public most of the time!

Please let me know of any bugs you may come across, or irritances you may find in usage of this program.

This software is distributed under the terms of the GPL, and as such has NO WARRANTY whatsoever. If it breaks your journal into two pieces, you get to keep both bits. Please read

Rob Andrews <>